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Karen Boos. Idaho real estate agent.

Karen Boos. Idaho real estate agent.

I am Karen Boos. I am an experienced real estate agent in Boise, ID.

I love Idaho and I love working in real estate. The best part is that I get to match great people like you with places to live in this wonderful part of the country. Idaho is one of the last true “wild west” places in the world. Life is simple here and you can be who you want to be. We have some of the best scenery, lowest crime, and strongest economies in the nation.

I’ve been serving Boise and the surrounding areas in real estate for over 15 years. I’m a proud graduate of the University of Idaho. I like to keep things simple. You contact me and I will go to work for you right away.  I won’t pass you off to an associate or try to sell you something that’s not perfect for you. I am your ally in the fight to get you your dream home. People say I’m a straight talker, but I’d just as soon be honest with someone rather than sugar coat things.

I have worked closely with some of the best builders in the Treasure Valley.  Todd Campbell Custom homes designs gorgeous homes.  I have worked with him for over 15 years.  Every home I and my family own has been custom built by Todd Campbell.  Todd Campbell has never changed his company name or cell phone number since I have know him.  He always works directly with clients and his personal involvement ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  As your realtor I am completely confident that if you are looking for a custom built home he is among the best.  

I could tell you about my 99% close rate or I that I have valuable connections in every related industry or that I also specialize in new construction, resale, and downsizing, but I’d rather you just call me and we can figure this out together.

Let me get to work for you. Call me directly on my cell: 208 870 7770. Let's get started today.