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Successful Communication

A Guide for Buyers

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How Can We Communicate Effectively?

Here are a few tips to ensure your transaction moves forward successfully.


Communication is the key to all successful endeavors and a buying home is no exception. Some buyers like to be communicated with daily, some weekly. Some via phone, some email and some in person. When communicating with me you can expect all of the above. Yet to achieve that success we must be on the same page about what it necessary.


We will talk via phone weekly, and sometimes daily, when new listings come on the market, and/or about updates to your transaction. If you do not reach me by phone immediately please leave me a message and know that I will call you as soon as I am able. I respectfully request no text-messaging correspondence, as I do not regularly monitor or receive text messages. This process will ensure a smooth and successful transaction.


I will also email you listings, send you documents and update you when necessary. This is the method I utilize the most as it allows for written documentation.


Sometimes it will be necessary to meet in person to sign documents, attend inspections or go over other specific items.


Also, keep in mind some of the items that we will communicate about are time sensitive and legally binding. To provide you with the best service possible I need you to communicate responsibly and honestly with me, be willingly provide pertinent information as needed, and to promptly inform me of changes in timing, requirements or other critical information which affect your transaction.

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Together we can make this transaction smooth and successful!