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Buyer Services Questionnaire

A Guide for Buyers

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The Buyer Services Questionnaire

This questionnaire is a critical step in the home buying process. The answers to these questions will enable me to dial in more exactly your specific needs. This will ultimately simplify your property search and enable a quicker, more enjoyable transaction. That spell SUCCESS in my book.

Key to Home Buying

Question 1

Do you need to sell a home before you can buy?

Question 2

How long have you lived in your current location?

Question 3

How many/where have you purchased?

Question 4

Tell me about your past experiences with Realtors.

Question 5

How many people in your family? Names? Ages?

Question 6

What neighborhoods/areas are you interested in?

Question 7

What school district do you want to live within?

Question 8

Where do you work?

Question 9

What things do you want to be close to-work, school, recreation etc.?

Question 10

Describe for me the three things you next home must haveā€¦.

  • Bedrooms Sq Footage Age
  • Bathrooms Lot Size Needed Rooms
  • Garage Style/Stairs Formal Rooms
  • Misc. Needs

Question 11

When do you need to move? Are you in a lease? What are the terms?

Question 12

Have you been pre-qualified?

Question 13

How much money will you use for your down payment?

Question 14

If we found the perfect home for you is there a way you can put down more?

Question 15

How much money will you spend on your monthly payments?

Question 16

How is your credit history?

Question 17

Could I refer you to a mortgage lender to start you loan process?

Question 18

If we find the right home for you are you ready to buy it?


Do you have any questions regarding the home buying process/requirements?