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Todd Campbell: #1 Idaho Home Builder

The Top 5 Reasons Todd Campbell Construction is The Best Idaho Home Builder

Karen Boos. Idaho Real Estate Agent

Todd Campbell has been an authority in the Idaho construction industry for many years. He is a third generation homebuilder from a long line of expert builders. Since riding to job sites with his grandfather as a young man, Todd has been part of the industry his whole life. It comes as no surprise that he is able to impart those gifts and talents into every home he builds. The quality, craftsmanship, and care put into each home speaks for itself, which is truly a sight to behold. Here are five specific reasons why Todd Campbell is Idaho’s best new home construction builders.

#1. Ultimate Customization

Part of what makes a house a home is making it your own with details and amenities that are truly unique to your tastes. Todd Campbell understands that, which is why buyer customization is a core element to his platform as a builder. Just about everything within the house can be customized to your tastes. You can customize the paint, countertops, light fixtures, finishes, sink, bathrooms, and more!

Todd Campbell Construction

Every home is built to suit your needs, budget, and taste. No two Campbell homes are exactly alike. Every window, piece of insulation, and appliance installed exceeds government backed Energy Star regulations by an average of 30-40%, and well above the average new home built today. They not only will save you money on your utilities each month, but will ensure that your home leaves a minimal footprint on the environment.

#2. Todd Campbell is an Idaho Native

No one knows the local construction industry better than a Boise native. Todd has built homes in the Treasure Valley for over two decades and has never changed his business name, contact email, or phone number. His roots and connections run deep. He is not only passionate about creating the best custom homes for his customers, but for serving the community that he grew up in and that his family is a part of. Idaho runs in his blood and you can bet that his connections and relationships make him a cut above any other builder in the valley.

#3. Top Shelf Quality Materials and Features

Todd Campbell includes a full package of features standard where other builders would charge the buyer more and call them “upgrades.” These features include: dovetail carpentry finishes, soft close cabinetry, varied ceiling height, crown mouldings, coffers, arches, and built ins. The list could go on and on!

He’s deeply involved in the creative aspects of every part of the home build. Everything from a design that stems from one of his original plans to working from a sketch on a napkin from a client’s imagination. Walking into one of his finished homes, you would think a skilled carpenter lived there.

Karen Boos Idaho Real Estate

#4. Fast and Precise Building Schedules

There’s a lot of mistrust these days when it comes to contractors and their schedules. There are many variables that are usually beyond control like the weather, supply availability, and shipping times, even if the builder has everything under control before the project starts. That is the Todd Campbell difference. Every build, from the foundation pour, is finished within 100 business days. Todd uses state of the art software called BuildTracker that allows him to execute builds with military precision, removing ordinary obstacles that normally derail other builders.

#5. In-House Design Gallery

What’s better than being able to choose your home’s custom features in person? Todd’s exclusive design gallery is an entire location dedicated to helping his clients not only see but experience the custom features for their new home first hand. No other builder even comes close to this tangible level of customization and variety. You are in control of exactly how your new dream home looks and feels from the ground up.

Idaho new home construction Todd Campbell

Todd Campbell is, in many ways, an old fashioned guy. He doesn’t believe in farming out tasks to the lowest bidder to the detriment of his clients. Todd sees every warranty email and does his own follow up and care. He answers his cell phone personally when you call and doesn’t contract his customer service to a call center. He is part of the entire build and customization process from day one. Todd Campbell stands by his work and that, and every other reason we mentioned today, is why I stand by Todd Campbell as Idaho’s #1 custom home builder. Please call me, Karen Boos, to learn more about why Todd Campbell is the only choice for custom homes.

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