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Selling Your Home: Money-Saving Tips to Keep It Clean for Last-Minute Showings

Photo via  Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay


Selling a home is almost always a big job that comes with a lot of considerations to make, and it can be a source of stress for many homeowners, especially those who have children. Not only do you have to think about packing and moving, but you also need to keep your house spotless and decluttered in order to get the best sale price — a tall order when little ones are running around. The time before you begin packing up is crucial, because this is when you’ll need to make sure your home looks and smells clean and inviting every day, and that each room is maximized when it comes to space, light, and potential.

This can also be a fun time, however, as you take steps to ensure you’ll get the most return on your investment. Changing up the decor to streamline everything and make it more appealing to a wider audience is a great idea, and you can do it without blowing your budget. You can also make some small updates, such as replacing cabinet hardware or adding new throw pillows to the couch. These little touches may seem insignificant, but they can actually go a long way toward helping you make a sale.

Here are a few tips on how to whip your home into shape for a sale when you’re on a budget.

Don’t skimp on the details

The key to making a quick sale is to leave just enough to the imagination while making sure potential buyers can see the potential. This means keeping clutter and distractions from each room and focusing on the details, such as elegant throw pillows or fluffy towels (you can find 12-piece sets in a variety of colors at Kohl’s for $39.99) to fill the shelves in the bathroom. Think of staging your home as you would prepare it for an honored guest to stay, and make sure the touches aren’t too personal; after all, you want buyers to be able to imagine their own belongings in each room. If you don’t feel that your best staging efforts are up to snuff, however, you can hire a professional to do the work for you. However, just remember to incorporate this expense into your budget; it costs approximately $965 on average to have a house staged, so make sure you have the money beforehand.


One way to keep your little ones from leaving messes behind when you’re pressed for time is to declutter each room. Not only will this help get your home into shape for viewings, but it will also really come in handy when it’s time to pack. Start by going through closets, cabinets, and drawers and designate piles to be donated, thrown away, or sold. You can also put some things into storage that you know you won’t be using between now and the move. You can also look for storage solutions that will double as decor or furniture — such as an antique trunk that can hold extra blankets — to really maximize the space and keep extras out of view.

Get organized

When your home is disorganized, it’s all too easy for kids to see it as no big deal to leave their shoes and backpacks in the middle of the foyer or their toys on the living room floor. To help keep things tidy, get organized and create areas for everything to be put away. Utilize Command hooks — which can be easily removed later without leaving a mark — for coats and bags and set up cubbies in the front hall for shoes. Make the most of a mail organizer so you can keep paperwork off your kitchen counter. Think about the best ways to get organized and talk to your family about how they can help.

Create a chore chart

A chore chart can help families stay on top of their responsibilities, and it can help little ones learn the value of hard work. Create a chart that is meaningful to you and your family, and designate a job to each person and a timeframe to do it in. This will help you stay on top of things like dusting and vacuuming so that when the realtor stops by unexpectedly with a potential buyer, you’ll be ready.

Selling your home is a major milestone and is often one of the most stressful parts of being a homeowner, but it doesn’t have to be. Careful planning and an eye for detail will help you stay on budget, while a little help from your family will allow you to keep things looking great.

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