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5 Great Reasons to Move to Eagle, ID

Downtown Eagle Idaho.jpg

Eagle, ID has been dubbed “the quiet side of Boise,” but what makes this little slice of paradise so heavenly? Is it the gorgeous, serene scenery? Maybe it’s the proximity of the big city, but the small-town atmosphere. Then again, it may be the growth of that small town into a cozy – but bustling – city, with new communities and custom homes popping up all over the grid. One thing’s for sure: there has never been a better time to move to Eagle. Here are five good reasons to make the leap (and I can help you do it).

Natural Beauty

Idaho is well known for its jaw-dropping landscapes, and Eagle is no exception. In addition to the stunning city-scape of Boise, Eagle rests in the foothills with a gorgeous spread of countryside surrounding it. The city itself builds on this natural beauty with tree-lined streets and a gorgeous community park that you have to see to believe. The “quiet side of Boise” basks in the natural splendor of the Idaho landscape.

The Convenience of the City…

Eagle is only a few miles from the busy metropolis of Boise. The two cities are much like siblings. Boise is the loud, extroverted older brother – the one everyone knows, recognizes in the street, and invites to parties. Eagle is the quiet little sister: smart, safe, and always within arms-reach of her more famous family. The drive between them is short enough for a painless commute to work, an exciting night on the town, or a quick trip to your favorite shop (assuming it’s not in Eagle, already).

… With the Comfort of the Countryside

One of the best things about Eagle is that – while a stone’s throw from the excitement and noise of the big city – the small-town atmosphere makes it a serene safe-haven from the bright lights and bustle of Boise. With high-end boutique shopping and chain stores alike, you don’t have to venture further than downtown Eagle to get what you need. A range of dining experiences – from The Cheesecake Factory to Bardenay – promise variety and dozens of activities and events guarantee something to do in this quiet corner of the countryside.

Island Woods Eagle Idaho.jpg

Eagle on the Rise

Eagle has been a small suburb of big, bustling Boise for decades, but it’s growing fast. New communities are being built as more and more people realize this quiet, beautiful town exists. But, even in the midst of all this growth, Eagle maintains its charm. Crime rates are still low, schools are still stellar, and the architecture of the sleepy mountain suburb is coherent – even as new custom homes are built to house the blossoming population.

What Dream Homes Are Made Of

Yes, that’s right. Custom homes. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a home built just for you, instead of buying a cookie-cutter house in a cookie-cutter community? With the rising population demanding more housing, and the quality standards set forth by the city government to discourage one-size-fits-all home architecture, custom construction experts like Todd Campbell are creating new communities with unique homes. Your dream home – made just for you – is waiting to be built.


If you’re on the fence, remember this: new communities are not built every day. It takes a special combination of population growth, property value, space, and luck to happen upon a neighborhood that is in its infancy – one where you can shape your home to your wishes instead of settling for almost everything you want. Don’t wait around while the chance passes you by; call me today to find out more about this awesome opportunity to make your dreams come true.

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