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How to Dog-Proof Your Home


Recently, I talked about what it takes to find your dream home. But for now, let’s say you found it: the perfect house. You’ve packed up your belongings and you and your family are settling in to your new abode. In fact, you’re so comfortable, you want to make an addition to your pack – a four-legged bundle of joy. How can you keep your pup safe from your home (and your home safe from your pup)?

Fur-Friendly Floors and Furniture.

One of the easiest ways to keep your new home looking like new with a four-legged friend is to vacuum frequently. Pet fur gets everywhere and drops dusty dander on your floors and furniture. A good once-over with a good vacuum at least twice a week (daily when shedding season starts) will keep the fuzz from stirring up sneezes and drawing in dirt.

Stain resistant fabrics like leather or Crypton and furniture are a match made in puppy-heaven. Likewise, washable fabrics and padded bedding are a great way to keep your sanity when the inevitable accidents happen. One more material-tip: Plushy carpet and pets don’t mix well. Go for low pile (preferably the same shade as your pup’s fur) if you must have fuzzy floors, and for hard surfaces if you can manage it. Ceramic tile and painted concrete are the best bet (they are paw-proof), but wood can be protected with tasteful, preferably inexpensive, rugs to act as a barrier between paw and plank.

Plants for Pet Owners

House-plants can pose a particular danger to dogs (who just love, love, love to chew on everything, especially when they’re bored and alone). There are many, many plants that can be poisonous to pups and these should be kept well out of reach. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry and just do away with the problematic plants in favor of pet-safe (and still pretty) alternatives.

My favorite is the Spice Orchid, a gorgeous tiger-lily-esque flower that blooms well inside, if cared for. Many species of cacti, palms, and ferns are also safe, like the Christmas Cactus and the Areca (Golden Palm). The ASPCA has even put together a full list of pup-friendly plants for you to choose from.  

Dog Owner To-Do’s

Make sure you’ve secured your windows and doors so your beloved best friend won’t escape chasing a stray cat. Dogs are a lot like children: curious and way more intelligent and ingenious than we give them credit for. Keep expensive keepsakes and clutter away from places your pup can reach, especially if you don’t intend to crate train.

This means shoes, books, knickknacks, and cleaning chemicals alike. Keep your home stocked with fun-to-chew toys and treats that won’t upset either of you so your dog has an option besides your favorite slippers. Finally, make sure your furry friend gets all the exercise they need. This will keep energy levels manageable and keep your mental health intact as well.Via


It takes work to keep your home in tip-top shape with a furry family member in tow. Sometimes, though, you get a leg up by finding a home with dog-friendly features (like toenail-proof tile floors and golden carpet to match Fido’s fur). Finding a home that suits your entire family –no matter how many legs they have – is a part of finding your dream home that many people forget. However, finding a paw-tastic pad is my specialty. Call today to find out what I can do to help you get there!

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