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How to Keep Insects Out of Your Home

Springtime House and Garden Bug Protection


Can we blame spiders from wanting to get into our homes to set up shop? After all, our homes are warm, have fresh water, and are packed with great things that spiders love to eat (small bugs). Now, some will tell you that spiders are actually great at controlling the populations of smaller insects, and they would be right, but there is a limit to the number of spiders one wants inhabiting the nooks and crannies of one’s home. Today, we’re going to explore some steps that you can take to not only evict our arachnid “friends,” but keep them out in the first place.

Secure The Perimeter

Take a good look around the outside of your house and watch for cracks in the foundation or holes in and around your roof. These are prime ways that spiders and other crawling creatures can invade your home. Buy a few bottles of clear, waterproof calk and use it to fill in any cracks or holes. Check the seals around your windows and doors and don’t forget the garage door! Watch it open and close. Are there any gaps around the seal? Is light getting through anywhere along the edges? If so, then spiders can too. Make sure your seals are tight and strong. This can also have the added bonus of saving you money on your heating and cooling through the year.

Bonus Tip: Got plans for your landscape this year? Consider planting cedar trees or using cedar chips around your house and in your garden beds. Cedar is a natural spider repellent and is nice to look at for us humans.


Outside Lights

Consider swapping out your outside light bulbs with yellow sodium vapor lights. These are less attractive to the insects that spiders like to chow on. Eliminate their food and you eliminate the spiders that go with it. Check all your outdoor lights. Are there spider webs in and around them? That means that they may not be sealed properly. Clean out the spider webs with a vacuum and re-seal your lights from the outside world. This will help draw fewer bugs and fewer spiders.

Clean Up Inside

It’s no secret that spiders love cluttered spaces, especially ones with lots of little hiding spots. Do a deep clean in all the corners of your house and get rid of any clutter. This includes: old newspapers and other paper junk. Piles of clothes, dirty or otherwise. Unused cardboard boxes are another favorite for spiders. Try replacing your storage boxes with airtight plastic containers to deter spiders from making a home in them. Sweep and vacuum your floors regularly. This will help keep other insects out, which will in turn keep spiders out.

Get a Pet

This is one that many of us already have done, but it does work wonders. Smaller dogs and cats love to chase spiders and other crawly creatures. Owning a dog or cat will significantly reduce the number of spiders living in your house. Stop by your local shelter today for the ultimate bug killing machine! Just make sure to feed and water them regularly and give them lots of love!


Call a Professional

We sometimes hate to admit it, but not everything can be done on our own. Sometimes you just have to call in a professional. There are lots of local pest control companies in Boise. Many of them offer a free or low cost evaluation or phone consultation. Search for your friendly neighborhood pest control company and they will be happy to help your bug problem become a thing of the past. Don’t try to go it alone out there!

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