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Fun Ways to Stay Active in Boise

Staying Active in the City of Trees: Fun (and physically active) things to do around Boise

Staying active in Boise, Idaho

Just because Boise is the city of trees, doesn’t mean we have to act like a tree and be sedentary all the time. Pick up your roots and branches and head outside this spring for some much needed physical activity (and fun!) around our fair city. Now, we’re not talking about getting up and going out and running a marathon, although there certainly lots of full and half marathons that you can participate in, we’re talking about fun, family friendly activities that can give you a good workout, but without overdoing it. Low impact, safe, and easy! Studies have shown that “low levels of exercise do correlate with better health later in life,” according to fightaging.org, an independent think tank on health and aging. Let’s explore a few ideas, shall we?

Get Your Feet to The Greenbelt!

Boise is blessed with one of the longest and best kept alternate transportation trail in the nation. It is over 20 miles long and stretches from Lucky Peak to Eagle Road. Choose a spot closest to you and just start walking, riding, or skating! One of our favorite things to do is to pack a light picnic lunch, (adult beverages optional!) park and start walking at about 9th street downtown, then follow the greenbelt to the Willow Lane park area for a picnic. We also recommend bringing along some frisbees for frisbee golf. You can make your own course there and it is a blast for kids and adults alike! This is a great way to spend an afternoon getting some exercise and seeing the beautiful sights Boise has to offer.


frisbee golf in Boise, Idaho

Ponds Loop Interpretive Trail

Move over, Camel’s Back trail! Yeah, Camel’s Back is the darling hiking spot of the Treasure Valley, but it is busy busy busy! From drunken party goers playing in the main park, to over-excited professional trail runners running you down, Camel’s Back park is getting too busy for those of us who like a more leisurely and family friendly approach to recreational exercise. For those of us who don’t want to go hiking on a crowded area, the Ponds Loop Interpretive trail is the perfect place. The whole trail takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete and is filled with gorgeous views of the foothills and the surrounding areas. To get  there, start at this parking lot here: 750 Mountain Cove Rd. Boise, ID 83702. Park in that parking lot just behind the Boise City Recreation office. Then, head east and connect with the trail. You can do a quick loop around the military reserve, or you can trek a bit north to the Cottonwood Creek Trail for a greener route. Either way, this is a nice, leisurely hike that is just as convenient to get to, if not more so, than Camel’s Back. Enjoy!

Bird Watching in Boise

Birding is a great hobby that will keep you on your feet and is accessible to the novice and expert alike! Grab a pair of binoculars and consult this handy interactive map, which includes all of the species of birds to watch for in Boise and get out there. A great place to start is right in the city. Just head over to Kathryn Albertson park, a favorite for local birders, and see how many you can spot. Birding is a lovely and peaceful hobby that can be enjoyed one’s entire life. Get started now on this wholesome and active hobby and see the wonders that Idaho has to offer.

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